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About Star Fitness

I have worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years. During those years and even before, I have witnessed countless women hate themselves for what they see in the mirror. I've watched them bleed, sweat, and starve in attempts to love their bodies - thinking that by doing so it would allow them to love themselves. 

I have also been one of those women.

The battle is real. But trust me it's a war no one wins. Then one day I made a revelation that forever changed my life. You are not just your body. You are not just your mind. You are the divine trinity of mind-body-soul. And if one is out of balance all are affected. Loving yourself is the key to liking what you see in the mirror. 

I have decided to make my life's work helping women see themselves as I see them, beautiful, powerful, fierce, and limitless creatures. My gift, my passion is teaching others. Helping women find their confidence, connect to their true selves; and in doing so heal.

It is through this spiritual healing- through this journey to self-discovery, that we can achieve the physical bodies we desire. 

I empower women, by giving them the tools to tap into their own personal power. 

And now I want to empower you.

Because you are worth it.

~ Tiffany

Owner and founder of Star Fitness-Tiffany Jolly is a nationally certified personal trainer, aerobics instructor, and 200 Hour Yoga Alliance RYT. 

Educated in a broad variety of fitness styles, Tiffany specializes in Yoga Fusion Formats- including her own creation of OMnia Yoga- her true calling is to help you go from settling to soaring in your life, so that you can
 live the kickass life your soul intended- in a body that looks good, and feels great!
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