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“Hey! I just wanted to say thanks for noticing the change in me! It’s a little difficult for me to describe how different I feel now as compared to a little over a year ago when I started taking classes with you. I know that I’m very much responsible for the way I’ve grown, but you most definitely are too – you woke me up and have encouraged me to love and trust myself. You’ve taught me that it’s ok to be me. You have this amazing ability to make women feel empowered.”

“I’m quite sure that if our lives hadn’t crossed paths I wouldn’t be brave enough to apply for graduate school and I wouldn’t believe in myself as much as I do to attempt a solo PCT thru hike – I would still be waiting for other people to make decisions for me. I’ve never had so much confidence and love for myself and my body as I do now. I could go on and on…but I simply just wanted to say thank you, Tiffany! You are an amazing women who has changed my life 100% for the better.”

~Allison B.
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